Meta focus is a meta universe virtual world platform based on BSC intelligent blockchain, which aims to solve the problem of platform providers earning intermediate platform profits for decentralized open source projects, so as to achieve a low price payment mode between content creators and game players; The project uses blockchain technology to acquire and transfer virtual property rights, and allows users to permanently hold these virtual property rights and even operate them to create profits for their own content.

There is no intermediary fee, which is the biggest feature of meta focus.

ABOUT Meta Focus

The biggest difference between meta focus project and VR projects of other virtual spaces is that meta focus is a decentralized system, which proves that the space of meta focus is jointly owned by everyone and is a virtual space hidden in the Internet world. Using this space does not require anyone's consent. As long as you run programs and connect to the network, you can use it; Secondly, meta focus through an identity recognition system, users can track and verify whether a content has obtained the consent of the originator through encrypted signature. This is the first virtual world platform based on blockchain. You can own your own virtual space, and you can control your own virtual space and publish your own applications to create value. For example, you can publish your own intellectual property games on the virtual space platform. On the other hand, players can pay low fees directly on the virtual world platform.


As a meta universe, the biggest feature of meta focus is openness and creation. Any operation is autonomous and any existence is allowed. No company or team can hold this space and fully open and decentralized governance; At the same time, it can allow the creation of all sources, develop and supplement platform content and programs, and obtain benefits.

Meta focus is an identity authentication system through territory ownership. In this system, the authentication information is the coordinates of the territory. Ensure that creators continue to create and distribute avatars, items and scripts through economic incentives. Meta focus is committed to building a comprehensive platform that can support multiple applications, and identity authentication is only the first step.

Racing blind box Rare 3D digital art collection, 3D NFT racing

NFT racing Preview

Rockin Roller V8
Bopavani 24
Golden Duck 19
Poseidon E23
Atlantis V2
Kingo Sky Sport
Rabbit 19Z
Roster star V4
Token Details

Token Distribution

Smart Contract


Token symbol

Meta Focus

Contract address


Tax mechanism

Tax deduction for each transaction is 9%, real-time destruction is 2%, community promotion is 3%, and cash dividends are 4%

Total Supply

100 million


Binance BEP-20


  • Genesis airdrop, (10,000,000 pieces)

  • 10%

    Communities and partners, (10,000,000 pieces)

  • 80%

    Add and lock the pancakeswap flow pool. The contract is open-source and will never be issued. The ownership has been abandoned on the date of issuance. There is no pre-sale, public offering, private placement, white list and fair launch. (80,000,000 pieces)


  • Meta Focus virtualizes things in the real world. Meta Focus space has land, buildings, shopping malls, equipment and other tradable entities, integrates NFT, realizes the value cycle of virtual things, constructs a decentralized financial ecology through gamefi, feels scientific and technological innovation in a completely realistic game experience, and constructs a world and space dominated by itself.


  • Meta Focus will be a virtual world that will always be online, with unlimited people participating at the same time. It will also have a complete economic system running continuously, which can span the real world and the digital world. At the same time, any image, content and wealth based on data and information can be spread in the meta universe. Many people and companies will create content, stores and experience to promote their prosperity.


  • The decentralized financial system established by Meta Focus will go deep into all consumption fields. Including but not limited to: daily chemical supplies, food and beverage, office consumer goods and other fields. With the strengthening of consumption attributes, Meta Focus will establish its own "meta universe industrial chain". At present, Meta Focus has developed its own racing game and runs on our platform. In the future, we will develop more games and establish a long-term financial system of "fast circulation" and "transaction volume + handling fee" circulation through gamefi mode.


Initial ideas, proposing and designing economic models
Professional actuaries were invited to perform actuarial calculations and evaluations, the rules were revised many times, and the economic model was constantly improved.
The website development, token contract development, and The White Paper drafting are in the June,2011.
Platform development was completed.
The token contract was developed and the token was ready.
The project went online and the smart contract deployment were completed.
Open pre-sale and airdrop
Launch large-scale marketing
In December 2021
In January 2022
Presale will be completed.
Airdrop out will be completed.
PancakeSwap will be online Meta Focus.
Launch the first global Repurchase Meta Focus.
Meta Focus global currency holders will reach 50,000 people.
Turn on liquidity mining.
Launch the second round of global Repurchase Meta Focus.
The meta Universe Dapp game will be released in the first quarter of 2022 and the price will continue to rise, which will benefit the holder and speed up the burning destruction process.
Meta Focus global currency holders will reach 200,000 people.
Launch major exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, Huobi and OKEx.
In February 2022
Launched the world's top Meta FocusSwap decentralized trading platform.
Meta Focus will serve as the original currency of Meta FocusSwap decentralized trading platform, and Meta Focus will serve as transaction handling fee to accelerate the burning of Meta Focus and promote the rise of Meta Focus price.
Online cross-chain aggregation trading agreement.
Online mortgage lending platform.
Meta Focus global currency holders will reach 300,000 people.
Online NFT trading platform
Launch a world-class Meta Focus meta-universe 3D game ecological platform.
Meta Focus global currency holders will reach 500,000 people.
Global payment giant taps into Meta Focus
Meta Focus global coin holders will reach 800,000 people.
In December 2023, the target is $8000 a piece!!
The price will go up 10,000 times!(This will be one of humanity's great experiments in decentralized community building!)Congratulations!If you stay.
Meta Focus global currency holders will reach 2,000,000 people!
In December 2023
Let meta focus become a benchmark platform in the field of meta universe

Token Exchange

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Binance Exchange
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